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Atlassian II

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SOMA, San Francisco, CA
Photographed by Jasper Sanidad

The new San Francisco workplace for Atlassian (a software company) has been a church, disco, and print shop. With offices in Sydney and Amsterdam, the company is expanding and chose South of Market rather than Silicon Valley for their west coast office space.

The character of the new 42,000 square foot office space for this custom software company is a conscious alternative to the dot-com fun house mania found at other tech companies. The office interior, an unexpected oasis offset by its enigmatic warehouse exterior, offers generous and varied open space designed to mimic its city analog. Focused around a “Town Square” with amphitheater seating for staff meetings and product launches, the new space is egalitarian (no closed or private offices) with transparent conference rooms, various breakout areas and cafes promoting interaction and innovation.

Design Team
Sarah Willmer
Doris Guerrero
Megan Carter
Josue Munoz-Miramon
Olya Piskun