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Mission District, San Francisco, CA
Executed with Architecture + Design

Atlassian is an Australian software company specializing in collaboration and development tools.

Jeffrey Walker, the president of Atlassian, was a true visionary and leader. As I reflect on the place we created together and I re-read their web site I realize that Jeffrey, with his steely-eyed stare, guided us to create a work place that truly embodies Atlassian values. This is a no “bullshit” company, as they like to call themselves, with complete transparency. Not one individual has a closed office. For this renovation of an industrial building in the heart of the Mission, a grand egalitarian open plan was formed that invites all to share the daylight and over hear conversations. Atlassian believes it is important to have fun with your workmates while working and contributing to the Atlassian team. Extensive areas are dedicated to lounge furniture with beanbag chairs scattered here and there. The grand lunch table invites them all to interact over a bite. Everyday they try to build products that are useful and that people lust after. Jeffrey was extremely cognizant that “good design” has value both in their products and in the architecture of their new space. He looked to us to guide the design with well-proportioned spaces and a selection of colors and furniture that completed his vision. Jeffrey Walker was an ideal client, highly demanding while respectful and appreciative of the significance design plays in creating a rich and healthy work environment. I will always be grateful to Jeffrey for the experience of a true collaboration.