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Mondrian Village

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Northshore, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

The Vision
Convertible, flexible and light filled open-plan homes inspire this project. The proposed village for the Northshore development at Stockton on Tees is a medieval fabric of streets vital to community interaction. A village of tree lined mews with views to the River Tees via ecological slipways, and casually linked community gardens, play grounds, and paths are woven together to complete this proposal for a housing community on the Northshore of Stockton-on-Tees.

Site Response
The main Thorough Fare, with its elevated grade, connects the village to near by Durham University that shares a bus stop, corner market, and bookstore. A plaza and canteen on the campus also invite multiple interactions between students, faculty and the residents of this community.

Live/work lofts and two and three bedroom townhomes sharing an elevated bio-diverse garden embrace the raised North End of the site. The green roofs of the live/work lofts and townhomes offer views of the River Tees and the hills beyond.

The central mews district offers townhomes with a convertible carriage house. Possibilities for the carriage house include: a home office, a rental for a college student who helps with the kids, a place for the grandparents or the college grad that has come home for a spell.

The south end of the site, as it meets the river, becomes a promenade and public park for viewing of river activities. The built edge is low in scale and open to the river causing one to wonder who gets this view. A visiting scholar from the University? A visiting artist? Or do community programs dot these garden pavilions?

Sustainable Living
The Home Zone’s ecologically designed gardens and parks link the riparian habitat of the river with the open green space to the north. 70 percent of the homes face due south taking advantage of passive solar heating. Prefabricated storage units are designed into each home offering customization and flexibility. Rain and grey water catchment feed the many public & private green amenities, while local porous stone pavers line the mews in this sustainable Mondrian village.

2009 North East Festival of Architecture Exhibit, New Castle, England
2009 The Cube Exhibition, Manchester, England