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Pagerduty II

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Pagerduty II Workplace
SOMA, San Francisco, CA

While there is serious work happening at Pagerduty, an incident management solution that integrates with IT monitoring tools, their new home expresses the growing firm’s energy through splashes of color in glass enclosed meeting and community rooms. Transparency plays a role in the office structure where staff and executives coexist in the large workspace. New height adjustable workbenches, with extra elbowroom for executives, provide employees flexibility and comfort. Pagerduty’s energy is expressed through its signature green, which accents the project, a brilliant contrast to the buildings concrete waffle structure.

The buzz at the southern end of the office comes from the all-hands/dining, pantry and game rooms. Triple the size of their previous office, designed by Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture, the all-hands/dining room glows like a lantern drawing in staff for lunches and company wide events. The pantry, organized around two service islands, reduces the clutter and allows staff to easily navigate the daily offerings. Colorful dish and condiment niches greet staff echoing the comfort of Pagerduty’s previous pantry. The game room, visible through slots of glass from the all hands/dining room, encloses cheers and offers a place for staff to blow off steam after a hard days work.

Design Team:
Sarah Willmer
Joseph Barajas
Kelley Coelho
Britta Tuschhoff

Photographs: Michael O’Callahan