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Skagit River House

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Skagit County, WA
Photographed by Eric Rorer

Located on a hillside above the Skagit River in northern Washington State, this house serves as a peaceful retreat among the woods for a couple that enjoys entertaining. The house is strategically placed between the edge of the hill and an existing guesthouse and studio building. Perched at the break in the ground plane, the house faces due south with expansive views of the river through a foreground of tree trunks. A small bridge invites entry into the Douglas fir lined porch carved out of the corrugated metal cladding of the exterior, a reference to the farm buildings dotting the river’s delta.

The interior spaces are bright, light filled and airy enhancing the experience of this wooded retreat. The color palette, a combination of whites, softs grays and Douglas fir, acts as the backdrop to the couple’s furniture, carpet and book collection. A large deck on the south side creates an inside-outside connection and invites a walk down to the river.

Design Team
Sarah Willmer
Kathleen Heimerman
Megan Carter
Megan Suyehira

In Collaboration With
(Architect of Record)
Brooks Middleton Architect